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Based on our experience above five years in this area we are also advising on import of electronic cigarettes and break you can import what you want from china, there are over 150,000 items, the problem in China is to know which are the best, cheapest and most reliable places to buy because they are thousands, most are sweatshops backyard without any quality, in addition to thousands of companies with false information, where you pay and does not receive, another problem is the arrival in Brazil, has some important details before clearing customs legal way without being incinerated, returned to origin or taxed by more than 100% including freight, sometimes cheap is expensive, below I will put a ranking of companies hand-picked, there are others, but these are the best places to buy at the moment, where actually send, has some kind of guarantee and it is possible to negotiate if returned or lose the goods …
IMPORTANT: placing the order only through the links below if you give any problem, please register and contact, if you need to copy the entire link and paste in browser … any questions on how to register, buy, etc., we are available … indicated register at all below, always with prime real email and real data such as name, address, etc. not to have problems sending …
Then follows ranking of the best suppliers:

3aVapeEcigs arguably the best, cheapest, fast and almost reaches 100% of applications, because it is still relatively new … has wholesale account that low 50% the prices listed on the site, perfect for resellers …
to register click the link above and then log in at the top right, after fill all the data and click on submit, if you want to translate in chrome click with right button and translate …

FastechGadgets the best to import various things, has some unique ecigs, just search: authentic cig, great MOD batteries … to open the page click on register up in the middle of the page, is to change the language to Portuguese … enjoy and buy everything you need. ..

HaloEcigs this need not speak, buy direct from the factory halo in the usa, equipment and one of the liquid in the world best, if not the best …

HeavenGifts For sale only ecigs, most original, several famous brands like Joyetech, kangertech, vision, smoktech, etc, great after sales service if a problem … click register up right on the site

TinyDealGadgets Similar to dx, but has some cheaper items and a few different options of products, and different shipping options, have a good after sale, buy everything you need here, there is news …
they have now created a site just for selling ecigs:

DealExtremeGifts good to buy everything has enough variety of ecigs, most copies, some things have better prices than the top2 and has great after-sales service …
now separated the ecigs on another site, you can use the same login:

FocalEcigs has some advantages and new features, like tiny but expert ecig, has good prices, and post sale if you need, just click the link above and then start up right here

SigEcigUSA this is for those who want to buy direct American brand of california top quality, another level …

AshgoneEcigs is a dx arm specializing in ecig just, good prices and good after sales service as the very dx …

ProVapeUSA Could not help provari, American manufacturer of the best batteries with top quality even if it is not the best … top of the line equipment …

Ready al are the TOP10 ecig suppliers, this list is constantly updated to continue helping your research and future purchase with new brands both equipment as liquids, mostly American, European and Chinese …


















Now that you have joined the distributors have some details about buying and shipping.
Ideal is to make small purchases, one per day, always choose the slower, cheaper freight. The VIP1 HAVE FREE SHIPPING FROM 60USD …
Try not to mix too many products or buy several products in the same package, requests from a 20usd gain registered freight, which is ideal …
Another problem that should be checked is difficult to find what you want, below direct link of the best ORIGINAL ecigs, there are other much cheaper, but also worse or copies, in the domestic market are basically sold the worst, below I will pass the direct link the best ecigs, there are more expensive ok …
Closest Common cigarette:
Joyetech Eroll original model equal to the common cigarette, 9mm diameter:
or the famous Joyetech 510T cheaper

Now famous ego model 14mm diameter:
=> Battery 1000mAh Joyetech Twist => Atomizer mini protank 2 or 3 Kanger

Professional Line:

Joyetech EVIC battery Innokin SVD

Innokin SVD (less than Joyetech, but does the same thing for a lower price) obs piece in itpedido

Kanger Protank2 atomizer (already have the 3, but changes resistance and equal work, the first difference for 2 is dismantling emcima all workiguais)

Atomizer Etenity reconstruivel (wire / Pavil have inestoque)

Innokin Iclear30S atomizer (not forget to buy some extra resistances and 18650/18350 batteries for SVD plus charger that SVD-30s kit is the best cost-benefit in myopniao)

Electronic Pipe EPIPE has several models beyond that search, the best and most beautiful, you can use protank / vivinova it, buy batteries 18350extras.